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I'm young and healthy. Can I buy limited health coverage to save money?

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers, for individuals only, a catastrophic health plan that covers the essential health benefits, but only after you meet a high deductible. You won't have to pay the deductible for preventive care or for up to three primary care visits per year. Eligibility for the catastrophic health plan is restricted to either (1) young adults under age 30 prior to the start of the plan year or (2) individuals who get a "hardship exemption" from the Marketplace because they're unable to afford any other available health coverage.

The monthly premium should be lower than other health plans offered in the Marketplace, but the out-of-pocket costs for copays, deductibles, and coinsurance are higher. In addition, catastrophic plans don't qualify for the premium savings and lower out-of-pocket costs that are available to low- and middle-income individuals through the Marketplace, so it's important to carefully compare all options.

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