We're currently experiencing technical difficulties with delivery of the 2022 ID cards. If you're an existing member, your member and Rx number will remain the same. If you’re a new member or need your ID number to get care or prescriptions, customer service is here to help. Call us at 800-422-4641.

How do I know if the member has met their PT or OT visit limit?

You are responsible for tabulating visits based on services provided in your office* only. You can access the on-line Member Eligibility Application (MEA) by logging in via the Internet at www.hap.org. MEA specifies the number covered of visits based on the member’s contract. Once the member has met their benefit maximum, you are responsible for advising the member that the service is no longer covered. If the member elects to still receive the service, they should be informed that they are responsible for payment. The member should sign a waiver, accepting responsibility for payment, if they wish to proceed with obtaining the service. Do not bill HAP for services.

*Vendors with services provided in multiple sites qualify as the same office.


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