What is a "grandfathered plan" and how do I know if I have one?

Grandfathered plans are health plans that were already in place on March 23, 2010, when the ACA was enacted, and that have stayed largely the same...

Do I need to follow-up with my PCP after an emergency?

All follow-up care after an urgent or emergent encounter should be coordinated through your PCP.

What if my medication isn’t on the covered drug list?

First, check with the doctor or pharmacist to see if there’s a generic equivalent or an alternative medication that could work. We may cover...

How is an individual health plan different from employer coverage?

Insurance you get through an employer is called “group” health insurance, meaning the rates are determined based on everyone in the...

How can I find a PCP?

You can select a primary care physician, or PCP, based on your needs. You may want to select a PCP located near your work, while a physician close...

If I request a provider that my PCP isn't familiar with, what can I expect?

HAP encourages you to continue to discuss your care preferences with your physician. More than ever before, members have the opportunity to work in...

What should I do if I receive an incorrect bill from a doctor?

If you receive a bill that you feel is incorrect, call Customer Service at the number on your ID card.

What is Coordination of Benefits?

Coordination of benefits (COB) involves determining which health insurer or party will be responsible to pay for your health care services first....

How will my physician know I am a member of the Henry Ford Preferred Network?

You will receive a new subscriber identification card that will identify you as a Henry Ford Preferred Member.

When can I log in and access my online member account?

Once you receive your member ID card, you can register using your ID number. Current members may log in immediately after registering.

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