What you need to know about  Coronavirus, your HAP coverage, and getting care during the pandemic.

What can I do if I disagree with a coverage or claim related decision by HAP?

Please call Customer Service at the number on your ID card.

If I'm in the Henry Ford Preferred Network can my kids see any HAP pediatrician?

Yes, all HAP Pediatricians are included in the Henry Ford Health System Preferred Network.

Where can I find a HAP-network pharmacy?

On our website, you can search for a pharmacy in two ways: Enter a name to look for a specific pharmacy, or use the drop-down menu to view all...

Will I have emergency or urgent coverage when I'm away from home?

Yes. Emergencies and urgent care services are covered worldwide. HAP also offers members’ access to Assist America® which provides global...

What out-of-pocket costs are associated with HAP Personal Alliance PPO plans?

The three main types of costs you are responsible for as a member are coinsurance, copays and deductibles. Coinsurance is the percentage of...

I'm young and healthy. Can I buy limited health coverage to save money?

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers, for individuals only, a catastrophic health plan that covers the essential health benefits, but only after...

Will I have to submit claims for any services I receive?

As a HMO member, you will only see a bill for any out-of-pocket costs you may have. For example, if you see your physician for an annual checkup,...

Can I change my PCP and still be part of the Henry Ford Preferred Network?

Yes, as long as the new PCP is part of the Henry Ford Preferred Network.

I'm a new member. When will I receive my ID card?

You should receive your ID card within 10 days after you enroll.

How soon can I see a doctor once I apply?

You can see a doctor on your effective date of coverage. Coverage will be active once the application is processed and fully approved and premiums...

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