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Does HAP offer in-home screenings for diabetic retinal exams?

HAP is partnering with HealPros to offer diabetic retinal screenings for our members with diabetes. HealPros has more than 60 years of health care experience.

HealPros does the free screening in the comfort of your home. If you haven’t had a diabetic retinal screening this year, HealPros may contact you to schedule one. After your screening, HealPros will give the results to you and your primary care physician. The screening doesn’t take the place of a yearly preventive eye visit.

About four out of 10 Americans with diabetes have some form of eye disease. Diabetes is the leading cause of new adult blindness. The American Diabetes Association suggests a yearly diabetic retinal screening. Diabetes can cause change in the retinal blood vessels. This can be swelling, leakage and the creation of new blood vessels. Retinal images give a lasting and historical record of changes in your eye. They can be compared each year to note changes and track your health.

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