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Dates Offered

Non-HAP Members - 2023 Annual Enrollment Period Seminars - Mid-Michigan Region

Come and explore what HAP is offering for 2023 Medicare Plans. Our HAP Medicare experts will tell you about plan details, highlight the added value benefits and go over enrollment options with you.

HAP offers a variety of options to attend our seminars in person or virtually. The events available on this page are for in-person events in the Mid-Michigan region. For other event types, including webinars, see the links below.

Below is the calendar of events in the Mid-Michigan region. Select the date you are interested in using the drop down to the left to learn more and register.

  • 10/18 - Flint
  • 1/4 - Swartz Creek
  • 11/8 - Saginaw
  • 11/9 - East Tawas
  • 11/15 - Flint
  • 11/17 - Flint
  • 11/21 - Saginaw

Please feel free to attend any event that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Dates Offered