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Access wellness webinars - on-demand video sessions that cover a variety of topics - to learn practical, everyday tips to improve your health. Our videos are led by certified health experts like dietitians, physiologists and clinical psychologists. They're perfect for building on the lessons from our wellness programs or as standalone seminars.

  • Diabetes

    Understanding Diabetes – The Basics (11:06)
    Learn the causes and symptoms of diabetes as well as how the body uses insulin to lower blood sugar, from Connie Porter, MDiv, BSN, RN, CDE.

    Types of Diabetes and the Medicines to Control Them (17:05)
    Connie Porter, MDiv, BSN, RN, CDE, discusses the types of diabetes and how to manage them with insulin.

    Controlling Diabetes (13:24)
    Learn how to keep diabetes under control to avoid long-term health issues from Connie Porter, MDiv, BSN, RN, CDE. She also covers diabetes misconceptions, types of glucometers and how to handle emergency situations.

  • Healthy eating

    Are You and Your Family Eating Enough Calcium? (13:20)
    Learn about bone health, the role of calcium in good nutrition and calcium-rich foods from Zonya Foco, RD, CSP.

    Couch to 5K RACE (7:19)
    Tips on how to prepare and fuel the body for optimal performance before, during and after the race from Debbie Cavendar, RDN.

    Eat Right and Save Money Doing It (25:12)
    Let Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, teach you how to save money on groceries while still eating right! Zonya will take you through a virtual tour of the grocery store and provide tips and tricks on making healthy and economical choices.

    Eating for Immunity (15:29)
    Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, discusses which foods to include and avoid in your diet to keep your immune system finely tuned.

    Inner Approaches to Outer Results: Emotional Eating (34:46)
    Donna Marie, MA, will explain the connection between food and feelings. She’ll outline daily practices that promote awareness and offer solutions for emotional eating.

    Label Reading for Positive Eating (19:07)
    Improve your ability to skillfully scan a nutrition label and ingredient list to make healthy choices for you and your household. In this video, Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, shares seven tips that will help you get in and out of the grocery store quickly with a stock of healthy choices. After you view the webinar, be sure to download the tip sheet!

    The Fats of Life (25:29)
    Are you puzzled by all the different kinds of fat in foods? Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, demystifies this important topic. She discusses healthy oils and what foods offer the right kinds of fat.

  • Men’s health

    Sexual Health for Men (3:29)
    Learn how doctors identify sexually transmitted diseases, what treatments are available and how to maintain safe sexual practices.

    Men’s Health: Getting Physical (9:00)
    Learn the benefits of physical activity and the best exercises to keep a man's body and mind healthy.

    Men’s Health: Heart Health (14:29)
    Discover how the heart works and how to keep it healthy through proper eating and exercise. Review the signs of a heart attack and the importance of seeking care right away.

    Prostate Health (11:57)
    Learn what the prostate is and the role it plays in men’s bodies. Discover ways to keep the prostate healthy and identify potential problems to look out for.

  • Take charge of your health

    Domestic Violence: A Brief Introduction (11:50)
    This video offers insights about identifying domestic violence, recognizing tactics used by abusers and finding resources for help.

    Drug and Alcohol Addiction (23:45)
    Learn about drug and alcohol addiction and the impact that genetics and coping skills have on the recovery process. Several resources are included.

    Getting the Most from Your Doctor Visit (6:27)
    Access tips for going to your doctor appointment prepared. This video can help you learn to ask questions so you’ll feel confident about your personal health knowledge and ready to take the next steps.

    How to Use Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers (8:13)
    What you need to know to seek the right treatment in the event of a sudden illness or injury.

    Know Your Numbers (11:23)
    Do you know your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar? Learn why these numbers, and others, are so important to your overall health. It’s essential to understand what changes are normal and whether your numbers are getting better or worse over time to manage your health.

    Managing Your Medications (9:13)
    Three out of four Americans don't take their medications as directed. Your health could suffer as a result of simple mistakes like not finishing a medication, missing doses or not filling a prescription. This webinar will help you understand the importance of managing medications, communicating with the doctor and pharmacist, knowing what questions to ask about new prescriptions and understanding the difference between generic and brand-named drugs.

    Depression: Where It Can Lead and What You Can Do About It (19:54)
    In this webinar, the link between stress and depression is explained by Brenda Szalka, LMSW, CEAP, SAP, manager of the ENHANCE employee assistance program at Henry Ford. You’ll be able to recognize serious signs of stress as well as when and how to seek care.

  • Tobacco cessation

    HAP's Smoking Cessation Programs: Let Us Help You Quit (3:29)
    Our smoking cessation programs and benefits can help you quit tobacco for good. Learn tips for avoiding habits and situations that make you crave nicotine and how to quit without driving yourself – and your friends and family – mad.

  • Women’s health

    Five Key Health Issues Facing Women Today (18:54)
    Discover facts, risk factors, symptoms and preventive measures for five key health issues facing women today: heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression and autoimmune disorders.

    Women and Bone Health: Arthritis (7:50)
    Arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints and spine. Learn how to identify arthritis and other bone disorders and discover ways women can keep their bones healthy, including tips for preventing and managing arthritis.

    Women and Bone Health: Osteoporosis (7:41)
    One in two women over age 50 will have an osteoporosis related fracture in their lives. Learn about osteoporosis warning signs, risk factors and treatment plans in this video.

    Women and Cancer (22:43)
    Women are at risk for many of the same cancers men face, including skin cancer and colon cancer, as well as cancers that are unique to women, such as cervical cancer or ovarian cancer. This video includes information about cancer warning signs, risk factors and ways to reduce your risk.

    Women and Heart Health (16:20)
    Women’s heart disease and heart attack warning signs can be different from men’s. Learn about symptoms, risk factors and healthy behavior changes that can help reduce your risk.

    Women and the Reproductive and Menopausal Years (11:04)
    This video will help you understand the anatomy of the female reproductive system and explain signs and symptoms of potential health concerns over the course of a woman’s life.

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