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You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting health insurance for your small business (50 or fewer eligible employees). There are even more choices when it comes to picking a network of doctors and hospitals.

There are advantages to selecting one of our Choice networks for your HMO plan if your small business is in one of these counties:

  • Genesee
  • Macomb
  • Oakland
  • Wayne


What are Choice networks and how do they save employees money?

Our Choice networks give your employees access to nationally recognized doctors and hospitals. Working with doctors from a Choice network allows us to lower costs. This could save you money on your monthly premiums compared to our full HMO network.This is because doctors are able to work closely with others in the same network – easily viewing and sharing data, which cuts down on waste.

Genesys Choice network: Includes access to more than 4,000 doctors affiliated with the Genesys Physician Hospital Organization in Genesee County.
Find a Genesys Choice network doctor.

Henry Ford Choice network: Includes access to nearly 5,000 doctors affiliated with the Henry Ford Physician Network in Macomb, Oakland*  and Wayne counties. Henry Ford Allegiance is not affiliated nor included as a participating provider under the Henry Ford Choice network.
Find a Henry Ford Choice network doctor.

What if an employee needs emergency or urgent care?

All HAP health plans allow members to go to a hospital anywhere in the world in an emergency. If you are admitted to an out-of-network hospital, you may be transferred to an in-network hospital once you are stabilized.

If you have a non-life-threatening medical situation, you should go to the nearest Choice network same-day clinic, urgent care or hospital.

*Henry Ford Choice plans are excluded from the following ZIP codes in Oakland Country: 48356, 48357, 48346, 48348, 48359, 48360, 48362, 48442, 48370, 48371, 48462, 48367, 48350, 48353, 48428, 48430, 48439 and 48455.

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