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Flu shots

Worksite flu shots

According to the National Institute on Health, each flu season, nearly 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu. That equals approximately billion per year in sick days and lost productivity. Through education and planning, you can help protect your employees from the seasonal flu

Who's eligible?

All HAP Health Maintenance Organization (HMO and Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company (Alliance) members are eligible to receive flu shots from an approved flu shot provider at no charge. Members must show their HAP ID card when receiving the flu vaccine.

Scheduling an On-site Flu Clinic:

Flu Clinics at the worksite are generally scheduled from October 1 through January 31. Providers will send you a contract or service agreement so that you have all the details of the program in writing. We recommend that you request this from the provider directly, prior to your clinic date. Follow the steps below to schedule yours.

  • Contact a HAP approved provider or your HAP Account Executive to schedule a flu shot clinic at your worksite
  • The HAP approved provider will coordinate and schedule a date for your on-site clinic and will be your primary point of contact going forward
  • The approved provider will bill HAP for the member flu shots after the program. Payment for non-HAP employees is the responsibility of the employer group.
  • As with visits to any healthcare provider, members must show their HAP ID card when receiving flu vaccine


Approved providers bill our Claims Department for covered members who receive a flu shot at the worksite. Payment for your non-HAP/Alliance employees must be arranged by you (the employer group) and the flu shot provider. Providers will provide additional information regarding their ability to bill other carriers.

Some providers have minimum participation numbers. Minimum fees and service fees are the responsibility of the employer group.

Flu shots are also available at the member's PCP office and at a variety of community and retail pharmacy sites.

Community Flu Shot Clinics*

If you are looking for a flu shot clinic near your workplace or community, click on one of the links below for a list of participating providers.

Oakland County:

Macomb County:

By zip code:

Henry Ford Health System Center for Health Promotion:
Contact Information: Renee Zack, (313) 874-3095
Online Scheduling: www.henryford.com/flushot
Service Area: Southeast Michigan

Maxim Health Services:
Contact Information: Chris McCaslin
Service Area: Nation-wide

Michigan Community Wellness VNA
Contact Information:Kara Rucinski, 800-852-1232
Online Scheduling: krucinski@vna.org
Service Area: Southeast Michigan

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