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Worksite wellness programs

Health programs for healthier employees

When your business signs up for a HAP health plan, you’ll gain access to a suite of integrated worksite wellness programs for your employees. Our programs are developed and led by certified wellness experts.

Understanding blood pressure

Employees learn to manage blood pressure through diet, medication and physical activity in this four-session program. Program includes pre- and post-program blood pressure screenings, plus a comprehensive workbook.

Take charge of your health

This two-hour program will teach participants:

  • The basics of self-care management which includes knowing the importance of preventive care
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Taking care of minor ailments such as headaches and long-term conditions like diabetes
  • Learning how to care for themselves after an illness or injury.

Each participant also receives “Take Charge of Your Health” a self-care guidebook.

Revive: simple tools to overcome stress

Inner happiness and reduced stress has been shown to make work and life more meaningful. The ReviveSM four-part series will provide employees with an in-depth understanding of stress and to manage their outlook and mood. Various stress reduction strategies will be introduced and practiced.

Techniques practiced in the ReviveSM program include:

  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Emotional intelligence and awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratefulness
  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Physical relaxation and other meditation techniques

Weight WiseSM at Work

The HAP Weight Wise Program is designed to help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle with eight simple habits taught over six weekly sessions. All session are facilitated by a registered dietician and program workbooks are included.

Additional worksite wellness programs

Physical activity workshops

Our physical activity workshops help employees get moving and learn how to stay active long after the program is finished.

On-site flu shot clinics

Save your employees time by bringing vaccines and highly trained staff to your workplace.

Learn about eligibility and scheduling a clinic.

Personalized programs for your workplace

As a HAP client, you will have access to a worksite wellness consultant. We’ll work with you to integrate programs that meet your employees’ needs. The first step is to determine what those needs are through our comprehensive discovery process.

Leverage the experience of a personalized worksite wellness consultant to develop your program strategy and wellness goals with turnkey tools such as:

  1. Worksite Wellness Employee Interest Survey: Assess your employee’s wellness needs and interests and evaluate programming opportunities
  2. Organizational assessment: A tool to help you evaluate your workplace setting and the environmental and cultural factors that affect employee health.
  3. Wellness workbook: Combine industry-leading resources and information with a personalized guide for your business to start and grow a wellness program

Once we understand you needs, we will work with you to develop a plan tailored to meet your organization’s goals.

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  • Turning 65?

    Get real answers to all your questions! We’ll teach you about how Medicare works and give you tips and ideas to make sure you’re ready to go on day

  • Turning 65?

    Get real answers to all your questions! We’ll teach you about how Medicare works and give you tips and ideas to make sure you’re ready to go on day

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