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Employee health resources

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Below, you'll find a number of materials including blog posts, videos, infographics, flyers and more. All of this content was designed to be easily shared with your employees. Whether you're sending it out in a weekly newsletter, through social media or your company's intranet, you'll be helping the people who power your business better understand their health benefits.

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Staying Healthy: How You Can Help Employees Take Charge of Their Health

Do You Really Know HMOs? We Separate Myth From Fact

HMOs are often misunderstood. Here, we break down common misconceptions and share why they're great plans for many of your employees.

Why Choosing a Primary Care Physician Is So Important for Your Care

Having a PCP is important. Sure, most of us get that. But despite knowing that it’s important, a lot of people don’t have one. Learn how a PCP can help your employees manage their care and so much more.

Confused About Referrals and Prior Authorization? You're Not Alone

Help your employees understand referrals and prior authorization, when they're needed and what they mean for their care.

Out-of-Pocket Costs Explained in Under 3 Minutes

This short video explains cost sharing, deductibles, copays and coinsurance – and why they matter to your employees.

Do You Pay Attention to Your Eyes? Warning Signs for Common Diseases

With age comes wisdom—and too often, vision problems. By age 80, half of Americans will develop cataracts and 8 percent will get glaucoma. Learn about leading causes of blindness and how to prevent them.

Urgent Care or ER? Knowing Which to Choose Could Save You Money!

Our handy infographic breaks down where your employees should go for care - based on their specific needs