What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and your HAP Empowered Medicaid coverage

Prescription coverage

Your HAP Empowered Medicaid plan covers drugs. There are no copays for covered drugs. You must use a pharmacy in the network to fill your prescriptions. You can find a pharmacy near you by searching our website.

We cover drugs on a list called the preferred drug list or Common Formulary. A formulary is a list of covered drugs. If you want to look at the drugs on the formulary, or search for a certain drug, you can search the list. It includes drugs from a pharmacy, not drugs from your doctor’s office or the hospital. The list includes prescription drugs and covered over-the-counter drugs. We also cover all drugs to help you stop smoking (e.g., nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, inhaler, Bupropion, Chantix). You can search the list by brand name or generic name.

HAP Empowered works with the state and other health plans to develop and update the list. We update it at least four times a year. We add new drugs and sometimes change the status of some drugs.We made some changes to the list for October 2020 to meet the state’s rules.  When we make a change, we update the website so it’s available for you, providers and our Customer Service team. If we make a change to the drug list that affects you, we’ll send a letter to you and your doctor. This gives you time to talk to your doctor about the change. We sent letters starting in July for the October changes.

Prescription coverage information

HAP Empowered Health Plan, Inc., a Michigan Medicaid Health Plan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP). It is a Michigan nonprofit, taxable corporation.

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