What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine, your HAP coverage, and getting care during the pandemic.

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Welcome DTE Retirees

HAP is here, bringing you a health plan full of bright ideas

For more than 25 years, we've been making Medicare as convenient as we can. When you have a question, when you have a problem, when you just need advice, we're here for you. 

Because as a Michigan-based company, we're not just near you...we know you. Every day, we're collaborating with doctors, hospitals and the community. And as one of the leading integrated health plans in the region, we're constantly finding new ways to coordinate your care and cut your costs. 

One of the ways we're doing that is by replacing your current HAP HMO retiree medical and pharmacy benefits with HAP Senior Plus benefits. Retirees 65 and older will be transitioned to HAP Senior Plus.

Looking for a pharmacy?

HAP is here, with more meaningful benefits 

Putting your health first 

  • You always know your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Care coordination when you're dealing with multiple health issues.
  • No referrals are needed for specialist visits in HAP's network.
  • Worldwide health care coverage is available for medical emergencies, accidental injuries and urgent care.
  • A dedicated personal service team helps support new members. 
  • Exceptional customer service representatives based in Michigan to answer questions by phone, online or person.

Supporting you along your life journey 

  • Our Silver&Fit program grants HAP Senior Plus members a $0 membership in various fitness facilities.
  • Get 24/7 access to your health plan by logging into your member account and search for a doctor, access, print and order ID cards, view health reminders, benefits and your Explanation of Benefits and send and receive secure messages with customer service. 
  • Our iStrive for Better Health digital wellness manager can help you reach your health and wellness goals. 
  • Visitor/ travel benefit extends coverage to Arizona, Florida, Texas or Michigan (out-of-area) for up to six months. 


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