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HAP Offers New Identity Theft Protection Value-Added Service

HAP only insurer in Michigan to offer this free added layer of protection

Detroit – May 15, 2014 – Health Alliance Plan (HAP) is helping its members protect themselves from credit and identity fraud by offering a new value-added service that provides professional fraud support 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers tools to safeguard personal identity and credit history. The Identity Theft Protection service is available to eligible HAP members free of charge as the result of an expanded partnership between HAP and Assist America.

Since 2011, HAP has partnered with Assist America to provide emergency travel assistance to HAP members if they become ill or injured while traveling away from home or in another country. This expanded partnership offers HAP members an added layer of protection to help guard against identity theft. HAP is the only insurer in Michigan to offer this program.

"People who have had their financial and credit information compromised find it hard to re-set their lives," said Lori Rund, vice president, Product Management and Market Intelligence for HAP. "If you've ever been in that situation, you know how hard it is to apply for credit, loans or even health insurance. At HAP we believe in giving our members peace of mind so they are free to enjoy the things that really matter to them."

The Identity Theft Protection service includes:

Lost and Stolen Assistance - HAP members will be able to protect themselves by proactively storing their credit/debit cards, bank cards and other important documents in one centralized location. If any of these items become lost or stolen, retrieving the information is fast and the process of cancelling or replacing the cards can begin immediately.

Internet Fraud Monitoring - HAP members can register their credit/debit card information on the secure Assist America website. Real-time web-crawling technology monitors any signs of the cards on underground chat rooms, websites, etc., and alerts the member if their information is found.

24/7 Fraud Support - HAP members can call any time, day or night, if they think they have fallen victim to identity theft. A Fair Credit Reporting Act-certified caseworker will start working immediately to notify any companies that maintain accounts affected by fraud and will help cancel and reissue credit cards. The caseworker will also file disputes regarding any wrong information in a credit report with the appropriate agencies, alert the U.S. Postal Service if someone thinks a thief has filed a change of address or used the mail system to commit crimes, contact banks if checks have been stolen or forged, and notify the Social Security Administration if fraudulent use of a Social Security number is suspected.

HAP members who suspect fraudulent activity in association with their identity can call the following numbers 24/7: (800) 872-1414 (within the U.S.) or (609) 986-1234 (outside the U.S.). More information about the Identity Theft Protection service and member eligibility can be found on

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