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Michigan Association of Health Plans Recognizes Health Care Leaders HAP President and CEO William Alvin Receives Bonner Award

LANSING, Mich. July 22, 2013 - Rep. Matt Lori (R-Constantine) and Sen. Vincent Gregory (D-Southfield), Michigan Department of Community Health Director James Haveman and longtime health executive William Alvin, who is retiring as president and CEO of Health Alliance Plan, were honored for their contributions to health care issues during the Michigan Association of Health Plans' Annual Conference at Grand Traverse Resort.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce's support of key initiatives backed by health plans, including reform and expansion of Medicaid and proper funding for the state's health programs aimed at low income residents, particularly children and the disabled, was also recognized by MAHP, which represents 15 of the state's health plans covering 2.4 million lives.

MAHP's most prestigious award, the Ellis J. Bonner Outstanding Achievement Award, was given to William Alvin, HAP President and CEO, who is retiring next year at age 68 after five years at the helm of HAP. Under Alvin's leadership, HAP has nearly doubled the number of people it insures to 670,000 through growth and acquisitions.

The late Ellis Bonner was a father of the health maintenance organization movement in Michigan, a mentor to many and a tireless promoter of creation of a just and accessible health care system for Michigan citizens. The award recognizes a MAHP member who has been nominated by colleagues based upon exemplary service, leadership and contributions to the managed care industry and community.

MAHP Executive Director Rick Murdock, who makes the final choice of a recipient for the award, called Alvin "an important leader in our industry" and "a voice for affordable, high quality health care."

"It's really an honor and a privilege to receive the Bonner Award. I am one of the few people who knew Ellis Bonner and remembered him as an industry pioneer and a genuinely compassionate human being who championed the right to affordable, accessible health care for Michigan residents," said Alvin. "To follow in the footsteps of my role models and HAP predecessors James Walworth and Fran Parker in receiving the Bonner Award is quite a humbling experience, given their stellar careers as industry leaders and community advocates." Richard Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, accepted the MAHP President's Recognition Award on behalf of the organization. The discretionary award recognizes an individual or organization showing an outstanding commitment to the advancement and improvement of health care.

Rep. Lori and Sen. Gregory received Legislator of the Year awards. The two have been leaders in helping to level the playing field for competition in the health care industry and ensuring accessibility to health plans for low income families.

Department of Community Health Director Haveman received the Eugene Farnum Award, established in the name of the long-time past MAHP executive director, to honor those who reflect his values of collaboration, a sense of balance, fairness and integrity, in moving toward his vision of access to quality, affordable health care for Michigan citizens.

Murdock noted that Haveman, back for his second stint as head of the department, is helping move the state toward important wellness programs by implementing Gov. Rick Snyder's Healthy Michigan imitative, as well as supporting a robust health insurance industry that can address the needs of all citizens. "Jim Haveman is working behind the scenes every day to make Michigan a healthier state," said Murdock.

Ellis J. Bonner Outstanding Achievement Award

On February 9, 1995, the HMO industry lost a dedicated leader and tireless worker - Ellis James Bonner. His leadership and dedication inspired the HMO community from its earliest beginnings, and he helped it grow into today's thriving industry. Among his many contributions, Mr. Bonner was instrumental in developing the Group Health Foundation Minority Training Program. He was a tremendous mentor, role model, and national leader in the health care industry.

In his memory, the Association created the Ellis J. Bonner Outstanding Achievement Award. This award is given to a member of MAHP who has been nominated by his/her colleagues based upon their exemplary service, leadership and contributions to the managed care industry and community.

The Michigan Association of Health Plans ( is an industry voice for 15 health plans, covering over 2.4 million Michigan residents, and more than 60 associate, limited and business members affiliated with the health care industry. MAHP facilitates communication among members, government, and the industry regarding health care issues of common concern.

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