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HFHS-Beaumont Announcement

DETROIT – Oct. 31, 2012 – What Changes Can HAP Members Expect If the Merger Deal Goes Through?

For the HAP members who obtain care today through either HFHS or Beaumont and their respective physicians, there will be no changes. All of their physicians, nurses and other caregivers will continue to provide high quality, compassionate care to HAP members.

If the merger is approved, HAP members can look forward to a continued emphasis on keeping people healthy, and better care coordination through a common electronic medical record and the combined expertise of HFHS and Beaumont primary care physicians and specialists – as well as all other health systems and hospitals in the region.

As the state's second largest insurer, we collaborate with all of the region's leading hospitals, physicians and medical groups to represent the voice of our customers in ensuring access to patient care and health benefits that ultimately will lead to a higher standard of care and better health outcomes for our members.

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