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Health Alliance Plan sees enrollment uptick in new product line for those not covered by group insurance

HAP Personal Alliance features 10 plans with new short-term plan, lower co-pays and new vision rider option

DETROIT – June 12, 2012 – Hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents not currently covered by health insurance are expected to purchase their own insurance under the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Health Alliance Plan (HAP) already is experiencing a major uptick in enrollment since launching its new product line in April for those who are not covered by employer group plans.

HAP Personal Alliance replaces HAP's previous SOLO product line. The Michigan insurance market is ready for a new individual product line and familiar with the HAP brand. HAP is placing greater emphasis on the individual market now than in the past. The health plan redesigned its call center, tracking, software, and sales distribution channels, and timed the launch of Personal Alliance to coincide with its brand advertising campaign.

As a result of these efforts, HAP is experiencing a dramatic uptick in its individual enrollment trend. Previously, HAP enrolled 400 to 500 members a year in SOLO and now is enrolling that many people in Personal Alliance in one month. HAP predicts enrollment in its new line of individual products will have more than 50,000 members by 2015.

The new line, called HAP Personal Alliance, includes 10 distinct plans allowing greater personalization, as well as new short-term plans for those preferring coverage for only one to six months, new Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, a new vision hardware rider and a shift from co-insurance to co-pays ( for office visits and for urgent-care visits). Optional prescription drug and dental benefits are available with select products.

Lori Rund, HAP's Vice President of Product Development and Market Intelligence, said, "HAP Personal Alliance is for anyone who wants health insurance but isn't covered under a group plan. This could include people out of work or in between jobs, families, entrepreneurs and small-business owners, early retirees and young adults.

"Ten different plan designs help ensure that we have the right plan for each member," Rund said. "The new short-term plan option provides coverage for temporary, transitional needs. For example, we expect the short-term coverage to appeal to new hires who have a 90-day waiting period before their employer will cover them, people between jobs or young adults."

Rund added, "It is not only a comprehensive and easily tailored plan for the individual and family members but it becomes even more attractive with available short-term coverage and HSA plans, additional riders, the shift to co-pays instead of co-insurance and value-added benefits of being a HAP members. Earlier this year, we announced a new corporate branding initiative that was borne from extensive research. It reinforced HAP's market leadership in our compassion and assistance with members as they seek a sense of peace and comfort in the face of increasingly difficult decisions in the area of health insurance. HAP Personal Alliance provides an even greater opportunity for our members to experience our distinctive personal service."

Some of the best features of HAP Personal Alliance, according to Rund, include co-pays of only for office visits, allergy testing and chiropractic visits (up to 20 visits per year with an in-network chiropractor); optional riders that can be purchased for prescriptions, vision and dental coverage; a combined family deductible, which is convenient and cost-effective for families with three or more people; child-only coverage; and value-added benefits that include Weight Watchers discounts, Global Emergency services through Assist America, disease-management programs; and the personalized service attained by being assigned a Personal Service Coordinator for one-on-one, direct contact.

Several ways exist to sign up for HAP Personal Alliance: By calling the HAP hotline at (855) 948-4427, emailing HAP at, visiting the HAP Personal Alliance website at or by contacting their individual agent.

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