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Remembering Sam Logan

As the community gathers to remember Sam Logan at his Homegoing Celebration next week, we will hear stories about Sam the Family Man, Sam the Friend, Sam the Businessman and Sam the Journalistic Icon. Indeed we'll also hear about Sam the Outspoken, who took a fearless approach to making people think and talk about what's important.

Sam was a long-time friend to Health Alliance Plan who will be deeply missed. As we remember his life of service to Detroit, we are reminded of – and humbled by – his touching editorial this past summer about HAP's 50-year commitment to making "Detroit a healthier, more vibrant community."

Sam was a pillar of strength to the community who fought the fight for a better Detroit. He was always interesting, insightful and a joy to be around. On behalf of the entire HAP family, I express my deepest condolences to Sam's family and his extended Michigan Chronicle family for their profound loss.

William Alvin,
President & Chief Executive Officer, Health Alliance Plan

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