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Health Alliance Plan Announces New Statewide Medigap Plans and Prescription Drug Plans for 2008

Expands range of options for
Medicare-eligible beneficiaries

DETROIT – October 31, 2007 – Health Alliance Plan (HAP) announced new statewide Medicare Supplements (or Medigap Plans) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries who reside in Michigan.

"Our customers and Medicare beneficiaries throughout Michigan have been asking for these plans," said Karen Wintringham, Vice President, HAP Medicare Programs. "HAP now has more options to meet the needs of individuals who want the security of having Medicare coverage beyond their basic Medicare benefits."

Alliance Medicare Rx is a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan that provides Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, with benefits that offer more coverage than the standard Medicare Part D benefit. Monthly premiums range from .80 to .20.

Alliance Medicare Supplements are Medigap plans that offer protection against the gaps that exist in Original Medicare, including protection in the case of catastrophic illness.

"With Original Medicare, you're covered for many hospital and medical expenses, but there are some gaps in that coverage that you may be paying like deductibles, coinsurance and copayments," said Wintringham. "Medigap plans protect against what can be costly coverage gaps."

In 2008, for example, the gaps include a ,024 upfront deductible for hospitalization, which Medicare beneficiaries must pay before coverage begins. After 60 days of hospitalization, they begin paying 6 per day, or 2 per day after 90 days. In catastrophic circumstances there may be no additional coverage for hospitalization.  Beneficiaries also pay portions of their outpatient bills and skilled nursing care. These gaps can create significant financial risk.

"When choosing a Medicare plan, it's important to consider what's most important to you," advised Wintringham. "For example, if you spend more than six continuous months a year in warmer climates, then a Medicare Supplement Plan with a Prescription Drug Plan are great options to consider.  If you prefer being able to seek routine services from any Medicare participating physician anywhere in the United States, then the best Medicare solution for you is probably the Alliance Medicare Supplement combined with the Alliance Medicare Rx."

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for Alliance Medicare Rx runs from November 15 through December 31, 2007. Coverage for individuals who enroll during this period begins January 1, 2008.  Beneficiaries may enroll in Alliance Medicare Supplement throughout the year.

To be eligible for either product, covered beneficiaries must reside in Michigan.  For the Alliance Medicare Rx, beneficiaries must have Medicare Part A or Part B. For Alliance Medicare Supplement, they must have both Part A and Part B.

Individuals who have health benefits covered through an employer should ask their former company or union for advice before signing up for any plan.

About HAP
Headquartered in Detroit, the Michigan-based Health Alliance Plan is a nonprofit health plan serving more than 540,000 members and 2,000 employer groups. Alliance Medicare Rx and Alliance Medicare Supplement Plans are products of Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of HAP. Medicare Supplement Plans are regulated and approved by the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services. Alliance Medicare Rx plans are Medicare-approved health plans. The National Committee for Quality Assurance awarded HAP's commercial HMO and HAP Senior Plus, its Medicare Advantage HMO, with Excellent Accreditation.       


  • Now is the time for Medicare beneficiaries who do not receive coverage through an employer to review their current medical and prescription drug coverage for 2008.
  • Those who have health benefits from an employer group plan should ask the company or union for advice before signing up for any plan.
  • For more information about Alliance Medicare Supplement or Alliance Medicare Rx plans, call 800-971-7878.
  • For a free copy of an educational booklet, "Making Sense of Medicare," call (800) 211-3965. The booklet was published by HAP as a public service; the general content does not promote HAP Medicare plans.
  • You may also call (800) MEDICARE or visit to compare plans. 


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Public Relations Specialist  
(248) 443-1072

Susan Schwandt, APR
Public Relations Director
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