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Medication Therapy Management Program

HAP's Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacists and Analysts
HAP's Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacists and analysts ensure members' medication therapy is safe and effective.


URAC honored HAP's MTMP with a Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Protection and Empowerment
URAC honored HAP's MTMP with a Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Protection and Empowerment -- Gold Award for "delivering on the promise of a quality health care system that puts consumers first."

Improving Health and Reducing Costs for Members with Multiple Prescriptions

Individuals with chronic diseases are vulnerable to medication errors that can result in serious complications like heart attacks, falls, blood clots and kidney failure.

Preventable medication errors not only lead to poor outcomes and hospital readmissions; they also pose a heavy financial burden, with a conservative annual price tag in the U.S. of $3.5 billion to manage them.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Medication Therapy

HAP's Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP) -- a collaboration among pharmacists, members and physicians -- is offered at no extra charge to eligible members who are at high risk for medication errors to ensure their medication therapy is safe and effective.

HAP's Clinical Pharmacists work closely with members to understand their health care goals, needs and barriers to receiving care. This information is integrated with the physician's health care goals to develop a new medication plan that may include drug or dosing changes, generic drug alternatives, ordering labs and tools to help improve adherence.

The benefits that patients experience include use of medications that are most effective and safe for them, lower out of pocket costs and improved medication adherence, quality of life and engagement with their health care.

The program addresses the number one medication-related error leading to hospitalization: bleeding events. Data from HAP's MTMP show that enrollees with arthritis experienced significantly fewer stomach bleeds.

The program has reduced direct pharmacy costs by 16 percent and indirect medical costs by 21 percent. Lowering out-of-pocket costs for medications improves patient adherence to drug therapy.

Building on the Success of a Nationally Recognized Best Practice

HAP implemented the MTMP in its Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) Part D population in 2006. Since then, it has become a nationally recognized best practice because it is replicable, collaborative and measurable and has achieved one of the highest Medicare Part D MTMP enrollment rates in the nation (30 percent).

Building on the dramatic success of HAP's MTMP for Medicare beneficiaries, in 2010 HAP expanded the use of medication management to members of the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust who are at high risk for medication errors. More than 2,700 MBT members have been identified since the pilot was launched, and the enrollment rate is currently at a promising 23 percent.

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