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Identity Theft Protection

Peace of mind. HAP helps protect you with free Identity Theft Protection.

Peace of mind goes beyond the protection of your health plan. Our longtime partnership with Assist America has expanded to offer you free Identity Theft Protection. HAP is the only Michigan health plan to offer this valuable service to its members.

Get free, safe, continuous monitoring through our trusted partners at Assist America including:

  • Credit card and document registration with lost and stolen recovery assistance
  • Credit/debit card Internet surveillance when you register your cards
  • 24/7 identity fraud support to help restore your personal information

If you think your identity has been stolen, Identity Theft Protection services will:

  • Notify companies that maintain your accounts affected by fraud—assisting with cancelling and reissuing credit cards
  • Contact your bank if checks have been stolen or forged
  • File disputes with the appropriate agencies regarding any wrong information in your credit report
  • Alert the United States Postal Service if you think your identity has been used to file a change of address or to commit other mail crimes
  • Alert the Social Security Administration if false use of your Social Security number is suspected

Log in and start protecting your identity through Assist America today.

Identity Theft Protection Services through Assist America are currently not available for MidWest Health Plan and ASO members.

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