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How will HAP know if my employees keep their health commitments?
All members (employee and covered spouse) and their personal care physician (PCP) will complete a Member Qualification Form each year to confirm that they have reached or are continuing to actively work toward their health goals.

If an employee or spouse smokes, is over weight, diabetic or has high blood pressure, will they automatically have higher copays?
No. As long as they are actively working toward a healthy lifestyle, and following their PCP’s treatment plan, they can qualify for lower out-of-pocket costs in the Enhanced plan.

What if an employee works toward the health goals but the spouse does not?
Both enrolled adults on the contract must qualify for the Enhanced plan. Once they qualify, everyone covered on the contract including dependent children will be in the Enhanced plan.

How often can my employees move between benefit levels?
They can move between benefit levels once a year. Annually, each employee and covered spouse will complete the iStrive SUCCEED® Program health risk assessment (HRA) and submit a Member Qualification Form signed by a
HAP-contracted physician.

Can I offer this to my Medicare-eligible retirees and employees?
No, the HAP Health Engagement program is not available to Medicare-eligible retirees or employees. This program is for active employees only.

Will I be able to access any information about my employees?
Our member’s privacy is important to us. No personal information from your employees HRA or MQF will be shared. We protect personal and medical information by adhering to strict internal and external safeguards. For more information view our complete privacy notice.

Does the employer pay the same premium regardless of how many members are in the Enhanced or Standard plans?

Do children need to complete the Member Qualification Form?
No. They will automatically be placed in the benefit plan of the employee.

Will employees hired after the initial enrollment period be required to complete the iStrive SUCCEED® Program HRA and the Member Qualification Form?
No, the entire family will receive the Enhanced plan and will not have to complete the program requirements until the following benefit year.

What happens when an employee adds a spouse to his or her contract mid-year?
Do they have the same 90 day period?
No. New spouses will be assigned to the subscriber’s benefit plan when added
to the contract, and will be required to qualify for their benefit plan in the next
qualification period.

If a member is unable to fulfill the program requirements or can’t fulfill the
requirements, can they get an extension?
No, both the iStrive SUCCEED® Program and the Member Qualification form are due within the 90 days of the coverage effective date. Employees who have difficultly getting anappointment should contact HAP’s Client Services for assistance.

What if an employee is unable to meet the program requirements due to
extenuating circumstances?
Employees who are unable to meet the program requirements due to extenuating
circumstances can contact HAP’s Client Services and they will work with them.

What types of reports will I receive as the employer decision maker?
Employer groups receive HIPAA-compliant aggregate reports on data collected
throughout the program.

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