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Health Engagement 2013

The member qualification period for HAP's Health Engagement Program has started. As a reminder, this program rewards members that make healthy choices. Members save on out-of-pocket costs by seeing their primary care physician (PCP) or an approved specialist to complete and submit to HAP the Member Qualification Form, which attests to their healthy lifestyle or efforts to achieve this status.

Below is an explanation of changes to Provider reimbursement for completing the Member Qualification Form (MQF).

Starting January 1, 2013, the MQF must be completed online in order to receive reimbursement. Online submissions will continue to be reimbursed at $30. Providers can still submit a paper form but will not receive reimbursement. We encourage providers to submit the form online as it will improve the processing of MQF's and allow for members' requirements status to update in a timely manner. To complete and submit Member Qualification Forms online, select Health Engagement from the My Tools tab. After completing the form online, follow the billing instructions at the bottom of the form and please use code 99080.

Thank you for continuing to provide quality care to members. If you have any questions about the Health Engagement Program call Provider Relations at (313) 664-9103 or (866) 766-4708.

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