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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking in the winter can be a very enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer to walk during the day or night, in the city or in the woods, the beauty of nature and the cold crisp air will provide a little time to quiet the mind and exercise the body.
Dress for the Weather

  • Dress for temps about 20 degrees higher than they actually are. (You will warm up while walking) Start with a thin breathable layer then add a thermal layer, and finally a thin outer shell to help keep out wind and cold.
  • Wear a hat and scarf to prevent heat loss.
  • Wear gloves or mittens to keep your hands and fingers warm.
  • Protect your feet with well-insulated and waterproof boots. Make sure the size will accommodate thicker socks. They should be lightweight with wide, low heels with a non-slip tread.

Be Visible and Be Alert

  • Wear bright or reflective clothing so others can see you.
  • When crossing streets be alert to oncoming cars and always yield. The cars may have difficulty stopping.
  • Be aware of slippery or icy patches.

Be Safe

  • Make sure your walking route is safe.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight.
  • If walking a long distance, don't forget your water.
  • On returning home make sure there is a floor mat to prevent slipping.


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