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Understanding Your Member ID Card: What All Those Numbers Mean

Your member ID card is full of numbers and acronyms. Find out what they mean and how to use them.Read More

woman wearing black sweater washing hands with soap

How to Keep the Germs at Bay During Holiday Travel

Our emergency travel assistance partner, Assist America shares tips on how to keep the germs away when you travel this holiday season.Read More

female medical staff handing card to smiling woman with child

Explaining the Preauthorization Process: What You Need to Know as a Member

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes can make the prior approval process seem less random.Read More

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Stay Healthy This Winter With These 5 Articles

Looking for a little motivation to get, or stay, healthy this winter? Take your pick from five of our favorite reads right now.Read More

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5 Shopping Tips to Help You Get the Most from Medicare

Ready to enroll in Medicare? Use these 5 tips to make the process easier.Read More

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Medicare 101: 3 Things You Need to Know Now

Interested in a quick intro, or just a little more info, on Medicare? Our beginner’s guide can help.Read More

graphic of girl using art therapy to relieve stress

Stressed Out? Anxious? Add Some Art Therapy to Your Self-Care Tool Kit

Watch our video to learn easy, inexpensive ways to do art therapy at home.

Read More

Cardiologist Dr. Mattina talking about how to reduce heart disease risk

3 Steps to Take to Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk: Secrets from a Cardiologist

Watch our video to learn the heart-healthy secrets of a cardiologistRead More

chunky minestrone and parmesan crisp recipe video

Make a Healthy Homemade Bowl of Soup in Just One Hour

Vegetables, rice and beans combine with tomatoes and Italian seasoning for a delicious minestrone that’s easy to prepare.Read More

woman in blue athletic jacket bending arms down towards feet in a stretch

Relieve Tension and Improve Your Posture with These 2 Stretches

Stretching has many benefits but it also just feels good. Try these stretches anytime you need a break, especially if you sit all day at your job.Read More

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