man scooping protein from a white container

Your Diet Questions Answered: Are Protein Powders Safe?

Get the lowdown on this popular nutritional supplement.Read More

man and woman smiling on a boat ride

Travel Can Make You Happier and Healthier: Here’s How

Get the health benefits of travel either on the road or by staying in town.Read More

salad bowl with canellini beans peaches wild rice mint and feta cheese

Refresh and Recharge With Our Wild Rice and Bean Salad

Crisp arugula, succulent peaches and fresh mint make this dish delicious!Read More

graphic of healthier snack options

Hungry? Here are 28 Ideas for Smarter Snacking

Check out our guide to healthy snacking. If you’re craving sweet, crunchy or fatty foods, we’ve got swaps for you.

Read More

young male doctor talking to an older male patient

Avoiding That Doctor’s Appointment, Guys? Here’s Why You Might Want to Reschedule

Find out the questions you should be asking during your next visit.Read More

graphic of an insurance decision tree with choices of an urgent care emergency room and telehealth

Need Same-Day Care? Convenient Options Beyond Urgent Care or the ER

Get same-day care when you want it. Even from the comfort of home.Read More

Flint Mass Transit Authority bus with HAP partner logo promoting grocery program

Flint Area Ride to Groceries Program Makes Getting Healthy Food Possible

HAP and the Flint Mass Transit Authority partner to help residents buy healthy food.Read More

couple holding a baby ultrasound photo

Your Pregnancy Resource Center: Essential Articles for Parents-to-Be

Being pregnant can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help.Read More

woman holding her head in distress

Do You Know the Signs of a Stroke? Find Out the Symptoms and Act Fast

Knowing these warning signs and acting quickly could help save lives.Read More

runner in a green shirt waving

You’re Never Too Old: How a HAP Employee Got His Fitness Fix Later in Life

HAP employee Dave Lambert shares how he became a runner at the age of 55 – proving you’re never too old to get started on your fitness journey.Read More

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