woman in pink tank top doing overhead triceps exercise

Tone Your Arms with These 2 Quick Exercises

Grab some dumbbells and get your arms ready for sleeveless weather!

Read More

older male and female couple working out at the gym with a trainer

5 Reasons to Sign Up for Silver&Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging Program

HAP Medicare members can access a participating fitness center or YMCA membership at $0 cost.Read More

family dangling feet over boardwalk during sunset

Enjoy a Worry-Free Spring Break with These 4 Tips

Our partner, Assist America, shares tips for a stress-free vacation.Read More

orange background with black note to self text

Stressed Out? Make a Personalized Plan to Take Care of You

Make the time to ask yourself some questions so you know what to do when you feel overwhelmed.Read More

black bean veggie burger topped with vegetables and a bun

Try This Black Bean Veggie Burger for Your Next Meatless Meal

Healthy and packed with protein, this recipe should be on your next menu plan.Read More

older woman on orange exercise ball with personal trainer for osteoporosis awareness

HAP’s Award-Winning Program Helps Members Manage Osteoporosis

How HAP helps their members get bone-density testing and treatment.Read More

blue background with letter z in a cloud

Can’t Sleep? Get Some Quality Shuteye with Our Tips

A healthy night’s sleep requires some prep. Find out what to do before bedtime and learn some tricks for getting back to sleep in the middle of the night.Read More

orange background with healthy date idea hearts

Happy Couples: 10 Healthy Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or compromise your fitness goals. Here are some healthy, practical ideas for a romantic date.Read More

Arthritis Post

Living with Arthritis: How to Lessen its Effects

Learn how healthy living choices such as weight loss and physical activity can postpone arthritis.Read More

breakfast spread with avocado toast, eggs, cheese and salad

The Elimination Diet: A Food-Based Way to Sort Out Your Health

If you suspect a food is causing negative symptoms, talk to your doctor.Read More

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