Taking care of your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis

As you deal with your stress and fear, it’s vital you take care of your mental health so you can learn to cope.

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Working from Home? 5 Ways to Create a Productive Workspace

Unusual times have forced many people to start working from their homes. For some, moving work to the kitchen table with other family members is a seamless process. For others, it may be a foreign activity. 

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Germs? Reduce your risk with these 7 cleaning tips.

With the flu and COVID-19… it’s time to deep clean. And to help keep your house germ-free and your family healthy, HAP is here.Read More

smiling doctor looking at patient

Why Choosing a Primary Care Physician Is So Important for Your Care

Think you don’t need a PCP? This story may make you reconsider.Read More

Detroit heart specialist Dr. Mattina

She’s All Heart: How One Detroit Cardiologist Helps Women Pursue Heart-Healthy Living

Dr. Mattina helps women battle heart disease by taking the right steps towards a healthier life.Read More

smiling woman and man using tablets

6 Ways the New hap.org Makes Your Healthy Life Easier

Now there’s just one place to go for all things HAP – and it’s never been easier.Read More

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Don’t Get Burned: Understand the Dangers of Fireworks

This time of year, over 200 people a day go to the ER due to fireworks injuries.Read More

mogo detroit bike share program

The Evolution of MoGo, Detroit's First Bike Share Program

Now that MoGo has launched, let's recap a few behind-the-scenes moments leading up to its debut.Read More

man holding his lower back for kidney pain

Your Kidneys Work Hard for You: Here’s How to Keep Them in Shape

Follow these diet and lifestyle tips for optimal kidney health.Read More

graphic of a slice of pizza

Supersize Portions Equal a Supersize You

See how portion sizes have changed over time and get tips to figure out your perfect plate.Read More

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