0891 Side step STY

Jump Start Your Workout with the Side Stepping Stretch (Exercise 7 of 12)

The Side Stepping Stretch stretches the big muscles of the glutes and thighs and warms up the ankles and hips.Read More


Jump Start Your Workout with the Plank Stretch (Exercise 8 of 12)

The Plank Stretch activates your core muscles and strengthens your abdominals and back.Read More

Downward dog pose

Jump Start Your Workout with the Downward Dog Stretch (Exercise 10 of 12)

The Downward Dog Stretch can relieve back pain and help you relax.Read More

triangle pose

Jump Start Your Workout with the Triangle Pose (Exercise 4 of 12)

The Triangle Pose stretches the muscles at the back of your legs and thighs while helping to level your shoulders.Read More

STEMS stretch

Jump Start Your Workout with STEMs (Exercise 5 of 12)

Sitting Thoracic Extension Movements, also known as STEMs, stretch your upper back and help ease tension in your head and neck.Read More


Jump Start Your Workout with Heel-to-Toe Step Overs (Exercise 9 of 12)

Heel-to-Toe Step Overs strengthen your core and improve balance when walking or running.Read More

Split squat

Jump Start Your Workout with the Split Squat with Rotation Stretch (Exercise 6 of 12)

Split Squat with Rotation stretches the lower back and strengthens the large muscles of hips and thighs. It also helps you squat, lunge and run better.Read More

older man and woman in blue jackets walking while holding water bottles

Walk This Way: Here’s How to Get Moving

It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. And it can change your health — for real. It’s time to get walking.Read More

Group of runners in a marathon

It’s Not Just a Race: The HAP Crim Festival of Races is Flint’s Most Exciting Weekend of the Year

Whether you run, volunteer or watch, you’re bound to have a great time at the Crim. Read More

0891 Home workout POST

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution With This Gym-Free Workout

No equipment? No problem. This gym-free workout can be done at home or on the road.Read More

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