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Fighting Carcinoid Cancer With Gratitude

When Dana Test was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer, she thought her life was over. But determination, support and a healthy dose of gratitude keep her going strong.

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wheelchair workouts

Wheelchair Workout: Expert Tips for Mobility and Strength

Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t get the physical and psychological rewards of exercise.Read More


Diabetes Doesn’t Define Me: Overcoming Type 1 at 21

Type 1 diabetes is no longer the death sentence it used to be. It’s about getting to know yourself, your body and managing the disease to best suit your lifestyle.Read More

health benefits of having a pet

Cute, Cuddly and Personal Trainers? Our Pets Can Do It All!

Our pets help us relax, get us moving and make us healthier people.Read More

holiday stress

8 Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

Don’t let stress from unreasonable expectations and overwork ruin the joy of the season.Read More

golden retriever walking on a leash

The Healing Power of Dogs: How Canines Bring Comfort to Henry Ford Patients

Heartwarming and health-giving, therapy dogs provide unconditional love and comfort.Read More


Autism: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

When George accepted the fact his son would not outgrow autism, it opened up a positive new chapter in their relationship.Read More

healthcare pregnancy checklist

Pregnant? 7 Tips to Help You Navigate the Health Care System

Many expectant couples are so busy focused on preparing their home for a newborn that they forget a critical piece of pregnancy prep: their health care.Read More

HAP Member Discounts save money get healthy

HAP Members: Did You Know Your Membership Comes With Discounts?

Get access to valuable savings with our HAP Member Discounts app.Read More

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Come On, Get Happy! How Good Thoughts Lead to Good Health

Suzy Berschback’s mother taught her many important lessons. But the most important one may have come the day her mom died. Learn how Suzy made changes to live happier based on her mom’s attitude and simple ways you can do the same thing.Read More

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