Urgent Care or ER? Knowing Which to Choose Could Save You Money!

The bottom line? In most cases, unless there’s a medical emergency (broken bone, chest pains, difficulty breathing, severe burn, etc.), you can save on out-of-pocket costs by going to urgent care instead of the ER.


Urgent Care vs ER 

What you need to know about urgent care centers:

  • Urgent care centers are staffed by fully accredited doctors and are as equally equipped as ERs to handle issues like sprains, cuts that require stitches, minor burns, back pain, the flu and much more
  • Wait times at urgent care centers also tend to be shorter than ERs
  • We have hundreds of urgent care centers throughout Michigan

If you’re a HAP member, you can see the out-of-pocket cost difference for your specific plan by logging in to your hap.org account and clicking on Benefit. And there’s three easy ways to find an urgent care center:

  1. Use our Find a Doctor/Facility tool. Under Facility, click on Urgent Care.
  2. Access our mobile app HAP OnTheGo.
  3. Call Customer Service at (800) 422-4641 (TTY: 711).


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