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8 resources to help you manage diabetes

Controlling your diabetes can help many parts of your life and health. That’s why we’re here to help. We know how much time and daily management diabetes involves. You track your food choices. Work to stay physically active. Pay attention to countless numbers. And, manage medication and medical teams. 

HAP is here to support Medicare members with diabetes through our Insulin Senior Savings Model. Our care management team and partners also offer resources you can start using today (that will support you into the future). We’ll create an approach just for you and your diabetes. We can:

  • Coordinate your care
  • Educate you about your condition
  • Advocate for your safety and quality of care

Ready to get the personalized diabetes support you deserve? Connect with our care management team and explore these eight resources:

  • Insulin Senior Savings Model – Enjoy capped out-of-pocket costs for select brand name insulins on Tier 2 (generic cost share) and Tier 3 (preferred brand cost share) for a 30-day supply and a 90-day supply. 
  • $0 Continuous Glucose Monitors (GCM) – Dexcom and Libre are $0 for HAP members through their pharmacy. And, from Pharmacy Advantage at $0 with in-home delivery.
  • FREE Home Delivery for Prescription Drugs – Get diabetes and other medication delivered to your door with Pharmacy Advantage. Sign up for refill reminders and auto-shipment.
  • $0 costs in-network for diabetic self-management items – Get supplies like: 
    • Blood glucose monitor, test strips and glucose-controlled solutions
    • Lancet devices and lancets
    • One pair of therapeutic custom-molded shoes
  • $0 feet care visits – No-cost visits for individual Medicare members. Just see a foot doctor.
  • Diabetic diet meal home delivery after in-patient stay/discharge – Mom’s Meals helps you get up to 14 days of fresh, healthy meals. Enjoy this ready-to-heat food when you’re out of the hospital. The service is if you have one or more chronic conditions. 
  • Diabetes Prevention Program – Stay active with the help of the National Kidney Foundation. This program offers 16 weekly, hour-long sessions. You’ll work toward losing 5-7% of your starting body weight. And, aim stay active for 150 minutes/week. 
  • Livongo for Diabetes Program – Technology and 24/7 coaching? Livongo blends it all to help you manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. 

Want to learn more? Ready to talk to your care management team? Call HAP customer service at (800) 422-4641.

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