8 Reasons to Love HAP

Being a HAP member means getting more — better care, more value and services that go above and beyond. We’re always working to improve the health of our members and our communities. Take a look at the eight ways we bring convenience, value and efficiency to you and your health.

Number 1 Travel with peace of mind

Traveling is fun – but what happens if you get sick or injured? HAP has partnered with AssistAmerica to provide support when you’re at least 100 miles away from home or in another country. HAP members get emergency assistance for medical referrals, prescription refills, hospital admissions and even finding lost luggage. With HAP and Assist America, traveling means more fun and less worry.

Number 2 See a doctor from home

Sick but can’t make it to the doctor’s office? Now you can see a doctor using your mobile phone, tablet or computer with HAP’s telehealth services. Licensed, board-certified doctors are available 24/7 for live, secure online visits from the comfort of your home. The doctor can evaluate you, give you a doctor’s note and call in a prescription to a local pharmacy – all for less money than a visit to urgent care. No appointment required!

Number 3 Find a doctor with ease

Our provider search tool makes it easier than ever to get the care you need. Find primary care doctors who are accepting new patients in your network. Search for facilities, pharmacies and behavioral health specialists. Get office hours, hospital affiliations and other important information, including driving directions. To get started, visit our provider search tool, or log in to HAP for a personalized search.

Number 4 Compare costs

If you’re wondering how much an upcoming procedure will cost or how long treatment will take, our Health Care Cost Estimator will come in handy. You can estimate out-of-pocket costs for office visits, hospital stays, surgeries and more. Because the tool is personalized, you can access real-time figures for your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Log in to hap.org and click “Health Care Cost Estimator” to explore.

Number 5 Enjoy member savings

HAP Member Discounts save you money on a variety of health- and wellness-related services, activities and products—from fitness apparel to ready-made meals and weight-loss programs. You can even get savings on shopping, museum visits and lodging. Download the app for notifications when you’re near a participating business. Click here for more about member-only savings.

Number 6 Get active for less

Ready to hit the gym? We make it easy with Active & Fit Direct™ gym memberships or Silver&Fit gym memberships for Medicare members. For $25/month, our Active & Fit program lets you a choose from more than 10,000 fitness centers (with 250+ in Michigan). If you’re a Medicare member, enjoy the Silver & Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging program at no cost.* Choose from 400 Michigan fitness centers or local YMCAs or select the Home Fitness Program and claim up to two home fitness kits.

Number 7 Hear better

HAP members can take advantage of NationsHearing, a comprehensive and cost-effective hearing aid program. Receive a no-cost hearing test and an allowance on hearing aids. Choose the device that’s the best fit for your lifestyle. Get a three-year supply of free batteries, a three-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.*

Number 8 Find us in your neighborhood

To improve the health and well-being of our members and neighbors, HAP makes a conscious and heartfelt commitment to support our communities. For us, that means helping kids with school supplies, packing lunches at Forgotten Harvest, delivering water to Flint residents and so much more. Through volunteering, donations and sponsorships, we’re continuously giving back to Michigan communities.

*Your plan may not include this benefit.

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