4 Tips to Make Your Next Walk More Impactful

Are you aware researchers have found that walking activates our brains? If you walk regularly you may feel more alert or peaceful after a good walk.

Most people know that exercise releases endorphins, but in additional to feeling good, walking also helps protect our brain’s gray matter. Gray matter is involved in not only controlling our muscles, but also our senses like, seeing, speaking, and hearing. It even plays a role in our memory, so walking on a regular basis can have a lasting impact on not only our body, but our minds.


Have you ever wondered how you can make your walks more impactful? Read these four tips for getting the most out of your next walk.


Number 1Did you know the body is designed to twist when you move?  Try this easy exercise. First begin to walk. Then on each step, place your foot down on the opposite side of the centerline of your body. This move helps increase the range of motion in your lower body.


Number 2Pretend to get your picture taken. Chest up tall! When you stand tall during exercise, you activate the muscle that flattens your belly. Be sure not to hold your breath! Doing this simple move can make every exercise a belly flattener, including walking.


Number 3Lift off. Stand with your knees slightly bent and bring one foot slightly off the ground. This will help improve your balance and prevent ankle injuries.


Number 4Remember the most important piece of equipment. The most important piece of equipment for just about any exercise, and this goes for walking, is a good pair of shoes. It almost goes without saying, but wearing proper shoes is important to the protection of your feet, knees, and back. Check out HAP Member Discounts for deals on shoes.


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