Bridget Runs the World: Trial Runs, Sports Bras and Peanut Butter Toast

It's been an eventful couple of weeks as I wrap up the 2019 CrimFit training program and get ready for the HAP Crim Festival of Races. I smashed a 10-mile trial run, learned how important the right outfit can be, and experienced a few more super fun symptoms of menopause.

There is a tradition among Crim-folk to run a practice race on the official course about two weeks before the festival. As I waited for my group that Sunday morning "by the clock" in downtown Flint, who should walk by but Bobby Crim himself? 

Crim was Michigan's Speaker of the House in 1977 when he and his assistant Lois Craig planned a road race in Flint to benefit Special Olympics. That road race has grown to become the Crim we know today.

Bobby graciously agreed to a quick selfie, then took off down the road, saying: "It's time to run."  And run we did. 

Bridget Bobby Inset

The practice race was a great chance to test out my running clothes, hydration and nutrition. I learned that peanut butter toast is a good choice for a pre-run breakfast. I learned that the wrong pair of footies can drive you insane. And, I learned that the single most important piece of equipment – at least for me - is a good sports bra. Who would’ve thought that the $15 model from Walmart would beat out the fancy brand name version at more than 50-bucks!? 

Spoiler alert: My training group ran the actual Crim course - all 10 miles of it! Before this program I couldn't imagine running 10 miles. Now I can't wait for race day to see the course come alive with spectators, "Champagne Corner" shenanigans, balloon arches, marching bands, cowbells and about 15,000 fellow runners and walkers! Fair warning: I predict I will bawl my eyes out at some point that day.

Once again, I call on my mindfulness practices to help me focus on the positive and rock my new norm. I'm especially thankful that my sweet and tolerant fiancé still thinks I'm awesome. We're even starting to come up with a vision for our wedding, maybe next Spring. Now, if I could just get a line on a bubble gum cannon...

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