Bridget Runs the World: Setbacks, Support Systems and a Success Story

2018 01 17 13 18 01I did it! I finished my first 5K run in over 20 years by finishing the Flushing Evening Road Race in just under 43 minutes. This success story wasn't without its challenges, however.

On my way to this victory, I learned a lot about the support systems that come along with taking part in in the CrimFit training program. A few weeks ago, I was running with my training group when I began having awful pain in both of my hips. We were about 2 miles into our 5-mile run, which was to include the famed “Bradley Hills”. (This is the halfway point and one of the toughest parts of the Crim course, and where HAP helpers will staff a water station with our famous balloon arch in August.) I was mentally determined to push through, but my body had other ideas. Long story short: I had to quit and get a ride back to my car. I was upset and sad about holding up my group and then quitting, but they said things like: “Hey we’re a team” or “That's why we’re a group – don’t worry!” They are my built-in support group and they rose to the challenge. I had phone calls, texts and Facebook messages urging me to take care of myself but not to give up on running.

I took a week off training to heal, and I also took advantage of the free consultation with Advanced Physical Therapy Center which is part of the program. I worked with Nancy Harrington, an awesome therapist who helped me greatly. She showed me various stretches and exercises I can do before running to prevent trouble. She also applied kinesiology tape to my hips. What a miracle! My pain was reduced almost immediately and 2 days later I was back on track, running and finishing my race!

I'm not gonna lie - I don't think I love running yet, but without the support of my training group and the awesome people at APTC, I would not have reached this milestone. I'll never forget the feeling I had, running down Main Street with my Flushing neighbors cheering and clapping as I finished the race, 12th in my age group. Oh, remember that great guy I talked about before? Well, now he is officially my fiancé and he was waiting at the finish line. He was so proud, and even a bit emotional about my success. Talk about support systems!

Next stop: The University of Michigan Flint recreation center to check out the facilities and classes I have access to as part of the CrimFit Training Program. Stay tuned! And Go Blue.

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