5 Tips for Cheaper Exercise

Wondering how to get fit on a budget without a pricey gym membership or expensive equipment? Check out these five tips:

Number 1 Head to fresh air

Even in cooler weather, you can still burn off calories in the great outdoors. Just bundle up and get outside.

Number 2 Look in your cupboards

When it comes to weight lifting, don’t limit yourself to dumbbells. Soup cans, jugs of water and bags of rice can work. Try pantyhose for resistance bands, or paper plates for sliding floor push-ups. Use stairs to tone your legs with these quick workouts.

Number 3 Get a discount

HAP’s new Active & Fit Direct program gives you access to 9,000 fitness centers nationwide and 250 in Michigan for just $25 per month and $25 to sign up. HAP Medicare members can access a participating fitness center or YMCA membership at $0 cost through Silver&Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging Program.

Number 3 Click a mouse

You can find a variety of workouts, from yoga to ab routines to full-on bodybuilding, on YouTube and Pinterest. Or visit the "Get Moving" section of this blog. If you do better with a buddy, find a community on social media to hold you accountable. Check out our tips for exercising with a partner.

Number 5Got a minute?

You might not have loads of free time, but a little here and there adds up. While waiting for your toast to brown, crank out a round of squats. TV commercial? Try some sit-ups until your show is back on. Make your time spent in front of the TV more active with these tips.

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