Bridget Runs the World: Weight Loss, Flint and Friendships

I'm a couple of weeks into the CrimFit training program and so far, I’ve lost a few pounds, made a few friends and gained a new appreciation for my birthplace of Flint, Michigan.

I’ve lost 2 pounds through increased activity and being a little more mindful about what, when and how much I’m eating. Though I haven’t consistently reached the “goal” of 10,000 steps per day, I’m steadily increasing my average.

0891 Bridget MBL InsetIt’s been fun getting to know my CrimFit training group. “RF8” is made up of men and women from 30-ish to 60-something with a pretty wide range of running experience and ability. I’ve gotten some great training tips from my running buddies, and I feel confident that – with their help – I’ll run 10 miles on August 24. The early training runs have been 2 to 4 miles, including walking breaks. Every week we ramp it up a bit so that by mid-August, we’ll be running up to 7 or 8 miles together!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing more of Flint. We’ve run through the campuses of Kettering University and Mott Community College and some of the nearby beautiful Flint neighborhoods. I especially love the awesome new walking and running trail where the old “Chevy in the Hole” manufacturing plant used to be. I also love seeing historic Atwood Stadium all fresh and rejuvenated as the new home of the Flint City Bucks professional soccer team.

One of the coolest things I’ve noticed is that I’m starting to feel more like an athlete. I feel a little taller, I feel a little slimmer, I feel a little bit stronger and more capable in my everyday life. (It's also a nice side benefit that I feel a bit more confident wearing shorts!)

Everyone says prepping for the Crim means running other races beforehand, so I’ve scheduled my first official 5K race. The “Flushing Evening Road Race” runs right down Main Street in my current hometown of Flushing, Michigan on June 19. Look out neighbors – here I come!

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