Introducing HAP's New and Improved Health Care Cost Estimator

You can’t control life’s curveballs. But with help from HAP, you can control how you handle them. Because we believe in giving you access to the best network of doctors and hospitals, we’re constantly finding new ways to streamline your care and cut your costs. It’s why we’ve been busy building you a better tool. And it’s why today, we’re introducing our updated Health Care Cost Estimator. 

For more than two years, members have used this convenient resource to search for care and compare the costs. But as you’ve come to expect from HAP, this virtual tool now has even more benefits for you.

See how we’re helping you make the most of every dollar:

2019 HAP HealthCareCostEstimator 3

To explore the updated and improved Health Care Cost Estimator, log in to your account. Once you have access to your account, click “Health Care Cost Estimator” to:


  • Estimate your costs. Use our advanced search capabilities to find out-of-pocket payment information. We’ll show you the estimated cost for office visits, hospital stays for procedures, X-rays, MRIs, surgeries and more. You can also filter by tier, if you have that type of plan.*

  • Access treatment timelines. See how long your treatment will last. You’ll know how many days (on average) it takes for evaluation, procedure and follow-up. We’ll even identify some savings opportunities for you.

  • Get condition information. Learn about some specific treatment, definitions, descriptions and symptoms.


  • See your plan details. Get a real-time look at your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.


  • Set a location. It’s how we’ll find in-network options near you. But it’s also how you’ll know if an extra five miles might save you an extra $500.

Our Health Care Cost Estimator is personalized for you – which means it will only show information about your unique plan. Because you deserve a partner who makes health care easy… and effective.  


If you’re a HAP member, be sure to use the Health Care Cost Estimator the next time you need care. If you’re not a HAP member, you can choose HAP now at

The Health Care Cost Estimator is available to HAP members, except for those with Medicare, Medicaid, and ASR/HAP Preferred plans.

* Filtering by tier is only available for tiered products.

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