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Body Issues Aren’t Just for Women

Men also feel pressure to have the perfect body.Read More

winter safety

Snow Safety: Expert Tips for Braving Winter Weather

Cold weather and ice pose hazards for older adults, but precautions can dramatically reduce risks.Read More

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Kill the Silence: Can We Reduce Suicide?

Every 40 seconds, someone takes their own life, and almost three times as many Americans die from suicide as from homicide. And those numbers are going up. This is a true story about suicide – through my daughter’s eyes – and what can be done to reduce the suicide rate.Read More

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Get Your Veggie on with Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti!

Check out this fun, healthy twist on spaghetti in our Ready, Set, Cook feature on FOX2 Detroit!Read More

holiday stress

8 Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

Don’t let stress from unreasonable expectations and overwork ruin the joy of the season.Read More

teaching kids to cook

Ready, Set, Cook! Gives Kids the Tools They Need to Live Healthy Lives

In order to beat childhood obesity, we need to set our children up for success. Ready, Set, Cook! does just that.Read More

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Healthy Indulgence? Try our Baked Apple Recipe

Filled with spices and raisins, this baked apple recipe just might become your family’s favorite.

Read More

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Busy Week? Prep Your Veggies on the Weekend

Make it easier to get your daily allotment of vegetables with a weekend prep session.

Read More

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Active TV Time

Turn "commercial breaks" into "movement breaks" with these 10 ways to make TV time more active.Read More

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Super Snacks

Whether you want to eat more veggies or less sugar and salt, here are some easy, delicious and healthy 200-calorie snacks to help you meet your goals.Read More

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